1. Favoritism and Flooding: Clientelism and Allocation of Irrigation Water. 2019. World Development 114, 175-195. 
  2. `Rule-of-Thumb’ Instructions to Improve Fertilizer Management? Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh (with Mahnaz Islam). Forthcoming. Economic Development and Cultural Change
  3. Gender Bias in Performance Assessments: Evidence from Teachers (with Anne Fitzpatrick and Adrienne Lucas, accepted at AEA Papers and Proceedings)

Working Papers

  1. Digitization and Development: Property Rights Security, and Land and Labor Markets (Revision submitted to Journal of European Economic Association)
  2. Engaging Teachers with Technology Increased Achievement, Bypassing Teachers Did Not  (with Adrienne Lucas, Revision submitted to American Economic Journal: Economic Policy)
  3. Tenancy and Clientelism  (Revision submitted to Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization)
  4. Health Knowledge and Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Africa (with Anne E. FitzpatrickLaura C. DerksenAnne KaringJason T. KerwinAdrienne LucasNatalia Ordaz Reynoso & Munir Squires, submitted)
  5. Improving Fertilizer Management can lead to Medium Term Increase in Complimentary Inputs (withMahnaz Islam, submitted)
  6. Quantity Recommendation as a Solution to Imbalanced Fertilizer Use? A Field Experiment in Bangladesh (with Mahnaz Islam and Khandker Wahed Rahman)
  7. “Leveraging Mid-level Supervisors to Improve Public-Sector Service Delivery in Ghana” (with Anne Fitzpatrick and Adrienne Lucas) [Link to World Bank Report]

Selected Works in Progress

“Identity-Verified Land Records and Female Access to Land and Inheritance” (with Erica Field, Jeremy Lebow and Kate Vyborny) Draft under preparation.

“From Remedial to Grade Level: Secondary School Readiness Program in Odisha, India”  (with Anne Fitzpatrick, Adrienne LucasJason Kerwin, and Khandker Wahed Rahman). Draft under preparation. 

“Another chance for Adolescent Females: Out of school program in Pakistan” (with Anne Fitzpatrick and Adrienne Lucas). Data collection under way. 

Seasonal Dropping-Out: using novel data to study attendance and enrollment in response to shocks. [Abstract]

Other Working Papers 

Conflict Events, Absenteeism and Learning Outcomes in Schools

Consumer Confidence in Conflict Prone Regions (with Hassan Abbass and Ali Choudhary)

Inflation Expectations in a Developing Country Setting (with Hassan Abbas and Ali Choudhary)